Biostar T5 XE & i3 530 limited OC, expectations?

Well, I finally have assembled my new budget build. Biostar T5 XE, i3 530, 4GB 2x2 Corsair DDR3 1600, Powercolor 5770, Antec 300 with 380w PSU. First of all, the memory is not being recognized as 1600, BIOS shows 1067. I was originally planning to OC the system according to the latest article here on OCing the i3. So, if I use Biostar auto OC util in the BIOS, system hangs or restarts everytime. I can choose manual and bring up the bus from 133 to 150, leaving everything else in auto. This setting does seem to prove stable, checked with cpu-z and 3.3mhz with DRAM at 601 and FSB/DRAM 4:16. So far this is the only OC setting I have had that would even boot.
Any suggestions or experience as to how to improve the OC or overall performance on this setup? Thanks to all in advance for any input.
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  1. I downloaded the manual from Biostar. It includes information and explanation of BIOS settings. Already this info has got me from 133 to 160 - cpu-z 3.5 and dram 640.
    I basically set my ram timings to manual and default according to the manual. 9-9-9-24... and upped the ram voltage 1.66. In auto the ram was reporting 7-7-7-20...
    I`ll stop here for now and do some more research on overclocking. I need to know more about what it is i`m adjusting and why. Certainly seem to be heading in the right direction.
  2. I have been reading alot about overclocking today. I have a much better understanding now.
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