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Hello guys,

Last week I bought the HP w2448hc, which is a rather good monitor (in spite of the TN Panel). Specs:

I was pretty happy with it last week, because blacks were blacks. But suddenly, backlight bleeding has started to show up. It was only on the left side over the weekend, but there's also on the right side now.

I really am concerned about this, because I had to fork over a lot for this monitor.

Here's some pics of the backlight bleeding (obviously, it depends on the camera settings. I took both pics with camera aperture of around 4 and f 1/4).


Do you think it's so bad I should take it back ?
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  2. Your link does n`t work.

    Closely read the warranty and returns policy of the vendor. Excessive bleeding may very well be a cause for a return although it may also correct itself over time.
    I also had a backlight issue with my current -va panel but after a few days it went away and I have had no problems since.
  3. The first image does not seem too bad. Yes, you have backlight bleed a long the edges. However, it is the blue bleeding that will probably cause you issues. I have a similar issue with my recently purchased Asus VK246H with regards to the blue bleeding at the bottom, but it is only about 1" long and another is about 1.5" long but less noticeable.

    I don't really notice the blue bleed much except when I was testing Fallout 3 on this monitor (I was writing a review). I didn't notice any issues when testing Far Cry 1, and I do not notice it under normal usage (like right now).

    It seems the reflective coating is the problem as shown in the second shot. If you change the orientation of the monitor so that it does not reflect the ceiling light then you should notice a difference. It should look more like the upper photo.

    Further minimize the bleeding, you can try to decrease both brightness and contrast.

    From my experience TN panels tends to have more backlight bleeding than other panel technologies. The 24" Asus VK246H shows the most bleed of my three monitors. However, it is not as bad as yours. My 19" Planar PX191 which uses a S-PVA panel has some bleeding at 3 of the 4 corners, but it is only at the tips/edges so it is not too bad. Lastly, my 26" NEC LCD690WUXi uses a H-IPS panel and it exhibits the least amount of bleeding.
  4. Oh, I see.
    The lower image is, I take it, the problem?
    The exposure seems right and if it`s possible to see the light bleed so clearly from a camera image I`d say; complain loudly.
  5. Jaguar how can you be playin Fallout 3 on a 26" with your X1900XT ??? (HD4870 1Gb here)

    Bleeding has got better now:


    There's still at the bottom.
  6. Hi Guys
    I was wondering how you can test for backlight bleeding---how do i get a black screen..??

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