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This is the case I plan on purchasing. I plan on doing two loops, one for the CPU and MOBO and another one for the 2 480 gtx. I was going to use a 480 gtx black ice rad for the GPU's and the 360 gtx black ice cooler for my CPU. I was wondering if i set up a push pull system on both of these rads and then put exhaust in the back how many fans would I need?

So far I am thinking you put 8 on the 480 black ice and 6 on the 360 so that 14 fans but I cant figure out what i should put on the back of the comp for exhaust.

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  1. Well from what i can tell with that case you can put 7 fans on the back of the case for exhaust. It should be enough since that is exactly the same amount you have planned for on the intake side of the rads.

  2. you have pm
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