New build with many questions

Ok this is going to be my first watercooling build and looking at the price probably my last for a while :D

So first here is a list of the components for the build from newegg:
MOBO - ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
GPU - 2(EVGA 015-P3-1482-AR GeForce GTX 480 (Fermi) SuperClocked)
PSU - Antec TPQ-1200 1200W
RAM - CORSAIR XMS3 12GB (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
DVD - ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM
CPU - Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz
HD- 3(SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM)

That totals to $2,470 :ouch:

Then my plan for the system is to do two loops:
1 Loop will have the CPU and the MOBO
2 Loop will have the 2 GPU's

Now for the first question: Do I need two pumps for two loops or do you use one pump for both?

Ok now on to cooling parts and the case (danger den :D )
Case - Double Wide Tower 21 Black Series
Rads - Black Ice GTX480, Black Ice GTX360
Res - 2(DD-Single 5 1/4" Bay Reservoir)
Pump - This is assuming you need 2 (DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed by Laing)
CPU Block - MC-TDX for Intel I7/Nehalem/1366
Above stuff cost: 955 :ouch:
Mobo Blocks (Frozen CPU): 325 BUCKS :ouch:
NB&SB - Bitspower Black Freezer AIX58NSWS ASUS P6T WS Revolution North / Southbridge Combo Block - Nickel Plated (BP-WBAIX58NSWS-BK)
MOSFET - EK Asus X58 MOSFET Liquid Cooling Block Kit
FULL BOARD - EK ASUS X58 P6T Series Full Board Cooling Block - Nickel (EK-FB ASUS X58 Nickel)

Ok so thats the basic idea for the build just so you :D
So now that im done with that here come all the questions

1) Fittings? Any suggestions? So far I have seen the option for barbs, fat boys, and compression fittings so whats the difference between all of these and does anyone have suggestions?
2) Tubing? If you havent picked it up already I didnt choose tubing because I was not sure what type of fittings to use so if someone could help me with that, that would be helpful
3) T-Line? Can someone explain what this is in more detail, if I should add one, and if I should how?
4) Case power button? I dont see one so how do I turn on the comp?
5) Just to get this right the way the set up will go is the pumps on the bottom of the case with a tube going to the res and then that fills the system, then it goes through the rad, then back through the pump to the res and loops like that?
6) Suggestions?

Thanks for reading this :D
Any help would be great!

BTW Total is 3750 without shipping, fittings, tubes, and whatever else im going to need!
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  1. From what I've picked up just reading about W/c'ing, in no specific order :)
    Read This First link :)

    One pump per loop

    Theres not much point/benefit in doing the North/Southbridges and it makes your loop a lot more hassle, As a newcomer you might want to avoid that for now.

    power button doesnt seem to be included in that monster case of yours so unless anyone else knows more I think your buying a switch for it as well :)

    T-line afaik is a joint, in your tubing that will split the tube into two tubes,
    for example:You have a feed line going to your gfx cards, use a T line to split it and feed each card then on the return line you'd need another to rejoin it into one line
    personally I cant see a benefit to them, its just another joint that could fail and leak .
    And just before I pass out from manly death flu,
    Your res should be the last thing in the line imo, the returning liquid sits in there waiting for the pump to pull it out, itd be like: Pump>cpu block>Rad>Res> then it loops infinitely,
    Hope This helps a little, I would hold off on buying until you've spent a little time on here talking to people who have tried/failed/cried then triumphed on W/c'ing, youll pick up tips and make your build a greater experience. Good luck and have fun man,pics when your done please :P
  2. Thanks a ton for the link and explanation of the T-Line
    Also for explaining how the loop should work
    My plan was for the cards was to have the line go to one and then out and then to the second and then to the rad, should I have two different tubes using some form of a splitter and then have it come back to one tube before the rad?

    Also can anyone help me with fittings and tubing?
  3. your plan for the graphics is spot on imo other than once it comes out the 2nd card, it goes to the reservoir, less joints is less places to potentially leak from :) as for tubing, youll have to make sure its same gauge as your connectors on blocks, other than that its a wide selection of colours etc for you to decide upon :) I'd just google 'pc watercooling' youll get a million sites that sell kit and find what you like best.
  4. Sorry I didnt understand your post Motopsychojdn
    So for the graphics card do I have the line go from first to second to rad or split then to the cards then rejoin and then to rad
    also i would like to avoid kits :)
  5. Sorry for the confusion :)
    Yes, I think you should run a single line from one card to the next then back to the reservoir instead of splitting the line and rejoining after.
    and I didnt mean kit as in a complete kit comprised of parts, I meant sites that sell kit as in stuff, each item will be bought seperately of course.
    I only meant that there are a lot of sites that sell W/c gear :)
  6. I'm not a pc guru but I have plumbed many home radiant heating systems, just a note on the video card cooling. I would run them (in the first out to the second) If you split the lines you run the chance that only one card will get the flow. Remember water will flow in the path of least resistance.
  7. Good Idea I will run from the first card to the second card to the rad to the res

    So anyone got any ideas about fittings?
  8. Someones gotta know about fittings! :)
  9. Come on where is everyone?
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