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Hey guys,
I just bought the DIR-655 due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews that it had and claims that the people who were on the forums were posting the reply while having 4 torrents open with over 200 connections each, while uploading a 500mb file. The impression that I got was that you can basically do anything at the same time with this router without "laggin" even though I know that's probably not true. So anyways I bought it because the person I'm sharing internet with keeps on lagging me up and I am unable to even use google properly because it takes about 15+ seconds or more to load a page while normally I load in under a second. This DIR-655 has QoS so that should prioritize my game usage over whatever he's using to lag up my network, so I fired up CoD4 and I was playing with ~40 ping, the same with my old router and then after like 10 minutes my ping jumped to 999 and stayed there so I got really confused. I enabled QoS, I checked automatic classification which worked for everyone who had my type of problem but I'm still unable to use the internet when my neighbor does whatever he does.

I went to the QoS page and tried to set QoS up manually, but I don't know half of the information required and where to get the information, like this below. I just want to know where to get the information, like I want to know how to find out what ports each program is using, and what is the ip range of those programs or something of that sort.
I'm really desperate because this is annoying, I can't do homework, play games, or do anything when my neighbor's online and my internet isn't slow either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. For Call of Duty 4, try 28960 on TCP & UDP.
  2. MomoCC said:
    For Call of Duty 4, try 28960 on TCP & UDP.

    Hey, thanks for reply, just to make sure, you gave me the local port range? So it's 28960 to 28960? I'm not sure what to use for local and remote IP ranges because doesn't each program use a different IP, or do I just use my ip that my router assigned me and my internet ip adress?
  3. Try the range you suggested. As for the IP, all games rely on the same IP address, that of your internet connection if I'm not mistaken.
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