How hard to reinstall on new SSD?

I'm about to start a build and was wondering how hard it would be to add in an SSD in about six months time. Would it just be a matter of backing up my system and reinstalling to the SSD. (I will be using Windows 7 64-bit OEM)

I'm not sure where this should go, feel free to move to the forum where it would fit best.
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  1. I started off a year ago with the Release Candidate version of Windows 7 and a plan to purchase the retail version and install it on an SSD.

    I knew I'd be buying a 160GB SSD, so when I partitioned my disk I created a 150GB partition for the OS. This January when I got the SSD I was able to back up the Windows installation using the built-in "System Image" backup and restore it to the SSD. Everything booted up and ran perfectly. But it's possible there might be partition alignment issues doing it this way.

    That was just a test - I had to reinstall with an official, non-RC version anyway. I found the re-install to be a fair bit less painful than I anticipated because of the speed of the SSD.
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