Where are the AM3 only SLI motherboards???

I like what i'm reading about the Phenom II x4 955... but i still think my 2x 8800GT(9800GT)'s have got a lot of life left in them...

Where are the AM3 only SLI motherboards!?! What's the hold up!?!

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  2. Well nvidia has been sleeping on that subject. Hopefully this fall they'll rebrand the one of their chipsets for AM3. Until then you could run a single card in a AMD mobo and down the road if nvidia ever does anything you could get a SLI mobo. IDK when the hell that will happen though =((
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130235

    MSI 750a SLI motherboard. Its about a $100 fully supports DDR3 and socket AM3 =)
  4. ^Good find. Any one go a review?
  5. Haven't seen any reviews yet. It has intergrated 8200 graphics so its just a normal 750a. Just find an am2+ board review with the 750a and it'll be about the same performance wise.
  6. ^True. But I want more info on the BIOS (what options are available?)
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