Building system looking for pointers

So far i have decided on
Asus P5Q-E mobo
E8500 CPU
4G Ram (Kingston OK?)
Vista HP

The questions are:
Would one 4870 be better than 2 3870's in crossfire I will go
with whichever has better specs I would assume the 2 3870's

And as far as hard drives I am not sure whether raid is for me
or not. I can get a big 1TB drive or raid slightly smaller ones
not sure what is best for performance or just what is the better
way to go

Also if anyone knows of a type of wireless keyboard mouse set
that has real good distance

The case could be an Antec Sonata 3 with an earthwatts 500w supply
or a CM 690 and i'd have to get a pwr supply

Any pointers would be appreciated coming from old system
asus a7v8x-x, AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.17GHz, BFG 6800, 1G Ram, Win XP H
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  1. 4870 is better than 3870x2 (or CF)

    check out these reviews
    make sure you get the 4870 1gb version though

    i would avoid raid for a regular home build, it is way too much hassle
    a 1tb or 640gb from western digital should be fine

    for a wireless mouse/kb, a bluetooth one would probably have more distance, you would also then need to buy a bluetooth adapter for the computer, which is like 20 bucks

    i have the CM690 case, its good, lots of space and lots of cooling capacity

    as for memory, if you are referring to this one
    then yea it should be fine
  2. I'd suggest changing your choice of MB. I just happen to have a P5Q-E, been trying to make that freaking MB work for the last few days but it's extremely picky RAM wise. I have been looking around the web and it seems I am not the only one. It might work with your memory but it's not working with mine which is G. Skill DDR2-1000. I even had trouble making it work with Kingston Value RAM for crying out loud......
  3. Raid 0 is will almost double your read/write speeds over a single drive, and is no hassle at all. Keep backups somewhere else and you will be fine.

    Buy 800 speed ram with 1.8v and you will be fine.
  4. You should get 1066 if you plan on overclocking your CPU. Otherwise, 800 is fine.
  5. Don't listen to people about the 1066 - you'd only need it if you really pushed the CPU when you OC, and even then, you can OC your RAM as well. Just get DDR2 800 at 1.8v like roadrunner said.

    Another +1 for the WD 640GB HDD and no RAID 0.
  6. RAID 0 is a tiny bit of trouble to set up but is worth the trouble .

    Maybe 2 x 320 gig drives and a third drive [ maybe external ] for data backups and an image of the array for quick restoration if the worst happens .

    Just dont use seagate 7200.11's Too many problems.
  7. roadrunner197069 said:
    Raid 0 is will almost double your read/write speeds over a single drive, and is no hassle at all. Keep backups somewhere else and you will be fine.

    Buy 800 speed ram with 1.8v and you will be fine.

    It might not be so simple, that freaking MB even has problem running 2 x 2 gig of Kingston Value Ram I have in another system...... and that RAM is 5-5-5-18 1.8V....... BTW, I have never experienced an issues running the G. Skill on my P35 Board and in an AMD system with another model of Asus MB.
  8. Here's the problem with motherboard RAID: it sounds like a good idea, but if you need to replace your motherboard sometime and you do not have the identical motherboard available, you may not be able to access the data on the RAID array. And with RAID 0, if one drive dies, you lose everything. Yes, I know that everyone has backups (snicker) for their programs and data.

    The safest way to do a RAID array is with a dedicated controller and that gets expensive.

    I vote for a single WD 640 GB drive also.
  9. I agree one drive is the easiest, and the easiest to recover, but I am a speed nut and having 507MB/s reads vs 90MB/s reads make one hell of a differene to me and is well worth it. I think Having 507MB/s outweighs all the negatives, but that is my opinoin.

    Unlike most of you I have experienced drives from 50MB/s to 507MB/s and theres never ever gonna be any turning back for me.
  10. Ok well thanks for the quick replies I checked out the reviews of the 4870 and
    yeah changed my mind on that one. Raid good info I guess i'll decide when the time comes. Now the big one is the mobo I have scoured the web and found probably more good than bad reviews but the bad ones seemed to be bios related and they were from a couple months back. Is it a problem that has been fixed or should i steer clear of that mobo and what would be an alternative?
  11. Honestly, I might have been unlucky or not with that MB but it's not only a matter of BIOS, I am running the latest version and it doesn't help much. I bought that MB after reading good reviews. Many people seem to like it but after some more searching it seems that my case is not so isolated after all.
    In any case, have come to an agreement with the store manager from whom I buy my stuff from and he'll trade me this MB for Gigabyte EP45-DSR3.
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