Need help with graphics issue

Asus p5k-e/wi-fi
intel e6750
ultra 550w ps
evga 8800gts
8gb OCZ reaper 1066

Started pc up today, windows began to load with the scrolling load screen then screen goes black and monitor shuts down like there was no video input. I started up in safe mode just fine and uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers using the most current ones on nvidia's site. Rebooted and same problem. Did this several times with several different nvidia driver versions and same result. When I change graphics card to an older known working 6600gt I can get into windows with no problem but then when I install the driver for that card the same problem comes up. I can tell that windows loads fine when i cannot see anything from the way it normally loads. There are no errors in the device manager.

So this is where it gets fun, I use a clean disk a clean install of windows......same problem. Makes no difference if I use the 8800gts or 6600gt, changed video cables, everything was up and working fine for nearly a year with this build. I made no changes to the system prior to the issue. One more thing, when trying to load games it either wont load or says "failed to find a suitable display device". I have also tried both PCI-E slots with both video cards with the same result. And I can always run in safe mode at full res.

So I'm not sure what to think at this point, motherboard issue? driver issue? monitor issue? let me know what ya think, it will be much appreciated.
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  1. when i started reading your topic I said " it must be the power supply , cause maybe it couldn't handle the 8800 gts - well it drinks a lot of juice in comparison to the 6600 one, ) but when i kept reading it I found out there's no a PSU problem since you installed the 6600gt and the problem came up again,
    now I'm sure there's something wrong with the drivers I mean when you plugged in your card nothing wrong happened but when you install the drivers it happened, i think you should contact nvidia to tell them about that issue , if they aren't aware of this , no one can solve it
  2. Will do, Im going to contact ASUS Tuesday as well.
  3. Why don't you try using am older version of the frivers? Who knows...
  4. I have tried several versions of the driver, for both cards, back to the 160's I think with the 8800gts...:/
  5. Its almost as if the card can't find the moniter...

    Does the card work when no drivers are installed? If so, I'm thinking that the moniter may be defaulting to something the card can't display? (No idea how, but it doesn't sound like hardware/software...)
  6. Are you overclocking? If so, back it off. I see that you have 8gb of 1066 ram. I can see a potential problem here.
    Run memtest86+ for a couple of passes to eliminate ram as part of the problem.
    If it won't run, test each stick individually.

    Next, run prime95 for a hour or so to verify that the ram and cpu are sound.

    It really seems like a psu problem. They sometimes do fail.
    Is it possible that a psu connector is missing, bad, or loose?
  7. No overclocking, I ran memtest86+ with no errors. Going to run prime95 now. I would just write it off as a gpu issue but it happens with 2 different cards, the 8800gts takes external power but the 6600gt doesnt. I have another psu I can try but I have to get to it. The card does work without the drivers installed and in safe mode, I will try a second monitor that is know working to take that off the list. Thanks for you help guys, I appreciate it.
  8. EDIT: Deleted.

    lol wrong section sorry :P
  9. EDIT: Deleted.

    lol wrong section sorry :P
  10. If the display runs in safe mode, then I think you have a driver problem. You may have left some residual registry data when you installed/uninstalled the various driver releases. You might try one of the driver cleaner programs, but that is not foolproof I hear. I think Nvidia may have one.

    A clean install of the OS may be the only way to be certain there.
  11. Ok so far here is what I have. Used 2 differend video cards, 2 different hd's, 2 different os installations (trying a third now), and 6 different nvidia drivers as far back as i could find (like version 168ish). To me that means psu, mobo, or monitor. Im going to get a second psu and monitor and see how that works out. Any other suggestions?
  12. Tried Windows 7 beta and had same problem after nvidia driver was installed, going to try video card in another system...
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