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OK, so I recently built up a sweet new system, but it keeps freezing and crashing. The "solutions centre" (yes I'm running Vista :s) isn't overly helpful.
I like to think that I know a bit, but this is beyond me.

This has been happening more often when I am playing games. As you can imagine, this is particularly frustrating.
It does happen when just browsing on the net, but not as often.

I don't think that its down to head, as I have a huge Zalman sink on my CPU, and have Everest (machine monitoring tool) running. It says my GPU hasn't gone above 49C.

The spec is as follows:

Intel Quad Core 2 3.0GHz (Q9650)
Corsair Memory 4GB (2X2GB KIT) DDR3 1600MHZ
2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 260 896MB DDR3
ASUS Striker II Extreme MoBo
CoolerMaster 700W PSU
3 x Western Digital 150GB VelociRaptor (RAID 5)

I don't think that the power is an issue (although I do now think that the PSU is a little bit under powered), as I have tested by removing one of the graphics cards.

Please help, as this is driving me mad!!!

All I wanna do is play some games!


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  1. I've been seeing a bunch of reported bad RAM from Corsair lately most of which is 1066 kits. Suggest you first start with running Memtest86+ to see if you got stuck with a bad set. Seen one guy report he tested his and ended up going thru 4 different sets before getting a working set. You can download Memtest86+ from here:
  2. Good suggestion. That's where I'd start as well.
  3. I've just tried to run Memtest86+ (several times), and each time, the machine crashes. I can now safely state that its the RAM!

    Thanks for your help guys!
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