Ssd corsiar p128 only 5,9 wei score??

I have the latest firmware, did SSD-tweak etc .... but still that low score...
(I run it as boot + games, i have a wd 750 as storage, OS windows 7 ultimate 64 bit )
Anyone experience with this problem?
(sory for my language, i'm from belgium ... )
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  1. o, I also run benchmarks and the write en read speed is excellent; my ssd runs very fast in my systeem, only that wei score i don't understand..
  2. dont take the WEI score too seriously. There are other benchmarks that would offer a better view of how the SSD has improved the computer.

    The best benchmark is yourself. Since installing the SSD, does the computer feel snappier and faster? Is yes, then it is working, and you should enjoy it.
  3. it is ...
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