I7 930 to 3.5ghz- look right?

Using a p6x48d premium mobo and an i7 930 cpu.

I used this guide to overclock:


I followed these steps:

Changed bclk to 160
Changed ram to 1600 mhz speed (guide says 1200 but my sticks are 1600mhz)
Changed ram timings to 8-8-8-24
Cpu voltage to 1.10
Dram bus voltage to 1.66v
Loan line calibration-on

Are all these settings correct? I watched another video of a guy overclocking a 920 and he changes much more. Do I need to do anything else?

Going to run prime right now. Ambient temp is sitting at 41c

Thanks a lot tomshardware for all the good advice!
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  1. It depends on your cpu, run prime 95 for 12 hours overnight, if no errors, lower voltage or increase your bclk by 5-10 each time and run prime overnight to see if stable. If stable at your wanted clock speed, lower your cpu voltage lower a bit and lower dram voltage to under 1.65v
  2. Thanks ubernoobie

    I increased bclk to 182 and cpu voltage to 1.25v to overclock @4.0ghz. I tried 1.20 and I was getting overclock failed messages and windows wouldn't boot. I tried 1.3v and got the same. I went to 1.25v and it booted and I ran prime95 for two hours with temperatures from 76c-80c. Pretty hot.

    Should I keep trying to lower the cpu voltage in increments now? I'd like to get temps under 76c. I purchased two Scyth Gentle Typhoon fans to set up a push-pull config on my Corsair H50 radiator. I'd imagine this should hopefully lower temps by 5c. If I could get down to low seventies with a 4.0ghz clock speed that'd be awesome.

    Are there any other settings i need to adjust? I changed the QPI to 1.3v.

    Also, I can't set my dram frequency to 1600mhz any more. This relates to the blck change I suppose but how do I get it running at proper speed? I think I have it at 1480mhz or something right now. Next option is 1800mhz so should I choose that? Couldn't find a manual entry.
  3. As ubernoobie has already stated it is a good idea to keep your vdimm at or below 1.65v just to be on the safe side.

    You can certainly try your ram at 1820 but you are not going to see any real world difference between 1480 and 1820. So whatever one is stable you should be good to go with the ram.

    Definitely hold off with a lot of stress testing until you get the new fans installed though.
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