Can blu-ray plays on Windows XP?

hello everyone.i am a new member,i am not like most of boys who are very good at computers and i want to ask a question that can window xp plays blu-ray dvd or needs some update?if i do in this way that means available for window XP? i have many kinds of blu-ray dvds i want to play on windows then backup them in case for damaged or scratched. so any one has any good suggestions for me? i'm very appreciate of that.did i need blu ray ripper&converter
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You need a special type of player to be able to use Blu-Ray and so long as it has Windows XP drivers available and installed, it will work. Therefore, when you buy the player, make sure it says XP on the box or it will only work in Vista and Windows 7.

  2. thank you so much.
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