Can i overclock this board

i have an intel 945GCCR board with an intel E2140 1.6GHz processor...can i overclock it???
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  1. Sure you can. Try raising the FSB from 200mhz upwards. Read the sticky on overclocking Core2Duos at the top of this forum.
  2. I can not tell for sure but I do not believe you can. Most Intel boards have locked BIOS and while they run great and are compatible with almost any parts do not overclock. That is why Intel releases specs to companies such as Gigabyte and Asus before Intel themselves make a board with a new chipset.
    The manual for your board does not say specifically. If you can adjust FSB ( front side bus ) in BIOS then you can overclock. If not then you are out of luck.
  3. You can try setFSB utility also, even if the FSB is not a changeable option within BIOS.
  4. its not possible to overclock with INTEL945GCCR mobo
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