Crossfire issues, New here, help me out please (4850x2 + 4870)

Hey, i recently got a new system, its badass besides one thing.. my 4850x2 and 4870 will not work together correctly.. and by that i mean the 4870 in secondary slot. My bios is set to the right slot, correct drivers, ect ect, but when i try to put my 4850x2 in the primary (due to 2g as oppose to the 512mb), my monitor will not even turn on. My system turns on but nothing happens display wise.. Ive switched the cards, and my 4870 will run primary with the 4850x2 in secondary, but the FPS is worst that way then the 4850x2 sololey. Please help me out.. I really am pissed xD.

Need help asap, getting late and owudl like to get it going =D.

Thanks again.
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  1. Please help..
  2. what mobo do you have?
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