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Computer keeps shutting off after starting

Last response: in Overclocking
May 29, 2010 3:08:00 PM

I am dealing with the same issue. Wondering if you could please help me. I have no idea what to do. I THINK there is something wrong with my hard drive, but Im not sure. First of all I have an HP (never again!) Pavillion a1750e. About a month ago, it started acting up, problems starting up, and it would not display anything. The computer would still be running, but no display. The messages would say no sync or no signal and once an error messsage came up saying my display driver wasnt working. I tried all the normal stuff, rolling back to a previous date, taking off NVidia driver and reinstalling... all that stuff. BUT NOW... It's shutting itself down after just a few seconds. I turn it on, try to get to safe mode to try anything... but it shuts itself off. So, I'm not sure what to do. Can't afford to pay HP 55 bucks for 15 minutes of talk... and can't afford to pay a computer repair guy 150 bucks an hour! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! My son can do the work if someone can tell me if its truly the hard drive. Or... just what it could be. Where do I find "bios" to check whatever... but... It keeps shutting down before I can get anywhere. The furthest I got was into safe mode... and then it shut down! Thanks, Debi
May 29, 2010 11:43:23 PM

To access bios try using the F keys when booting. Its usually F2 in crap machines like HP.

About your problem... Its really hard to tell: It could be your power supply failing. It could be your RAM getting errors and it definitely could be an overheating problem.
If its ur harddrive or not... its pretty simple to check.

Heres what you can do:

Get a cd or an usb stick.
Download this very small Linux (free alternative to windows, kinda) :
Put the linux on the cd/usb stick:
Then go to the broken machine and start it with the cd/usb stick in...
If the dsl runs normally, then ur harddrive is probably busted. If not, then its a matter of other hardware.
May 29, 2010 11:59:20 PM

I would say that probably there is nothing wrong with your hard drive, the fault is much more likely to be a faulty power supply or your computer overheating.