Computer hangs on startup after adding 1 TB Hard drive

Using XP Pro, ABIT NF8-V MoBo w/2GB memory, AMD Athlon 63 3000+
Got a new 1 TB Seagate drive and slip it into a SATA dock to partition and format it with the Computer Management Console. It kept hanging while trying to set up two 100GB partitions and eventually I would have to restart the computer, but after I restarted, the partitions would be set up fine. (hard drives aren't my forte, but it seems that setting up with a SATA port isn't ideal??) So I connected it to my SATA 2 port and decided to set up the rest connected directly. The BIOS automatically recognizes the drive, but when the Windows startup logo comes up, it's very faint and it hangs there. What's happening? (There is a Large and Auto setting for the hard drive in the BIOS - it's set to Auto)
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  1. according to abit

    your m/b seems to only support sata1 which is a bit troublesome.
    old sata1 harddisk or sata1 dvd drive works fine but for sata 2 i think u need to set the compatibility pin for sata1.

    you may refer to this seagate article:
  2. Seems totally on target, thanks. I tried the jumper, but couldn't find a jumper pin for SATA drives, and they didn't come with them, so I grabbed one off an IDE drive which fit a little tight, but still seemed like it should do the job. No difference. It makes total sense. Maybe I'll post a want ad for a SATA jumper pin :)
  3. so it worked? some check list below that might help.

    did you test with HDTune? how is the performance?
    did you test with tools such as WD's winDLG or seatools? SMART Pass?
    can you get SMART info using CrystalDiskInfo?

    be sure to check everything out 1st and pass all tests. coz if anything happens later due to compatibilities issue, it will be very very wrong.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear -- No it didn't work. I'm sure it's my motherboard since I hooked it up to a newer board and it worked fine. More later.
  5. ah... well. same thing happened to my Nforce2 m/b with sata1 connector. and also all of my pci sata1 card. They are only good for DVD drives now.

    weird thing is that it still work at the old 160, 200, 320 and 500GB drives but not more then that.(e.g. 640GB or above just quit working.)
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