Need help finding a Motherboard

Well, since i have an old MSI mobo with a 915 Chipset, so yeah, i'm in a desparate need for an upgrade, but unfortunately i don't have the money to go for an all out rig, so i just need a small Mobo upgrade, i'm looking for a G31 mobo prferably, but all the ones i've found yet don't have an AGP X8 slot, which i need for my GPU(which i can't afford to upgrade), got a budget around 50$, Please help!
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  1. Hi

    I don't know if if you are running Intel or AMD so see link.
  2. Disregard
  3. I'm running Intel
  4. I missed something on your first post that was important. "but all the ones i've found yet don't have an AGP X8 slot" AGP has died, it was replaced by PCIex. Now I'm sure you can find an older board floating around the web that is for sell. If you plan on using the same ram it to must be compatible. In regard to your CPU, is it a P4? What is the Socket type 478 or 775? The ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe might be a good choice if you have a Socket478. Ebay would also be a good place to find a board that has been discontinued, example:
  5. I have a P4 3.o6 Ghz, a prescott(i know :'( ), i think it's an 775 socket, thanks for your reply though, i'll try e-bay, but tell me, is it even worth going for a newer board i mean, if i take an older board with an old Geforce 5200(my Gpu), would it be better than a newer board with onboard graphics( though i seriously dobt it, though i've been out of the loop for quite some time now)
  6. if your gpu is a 5200 most new onboard should be at least on a par with it!
  7. Ya, I agree with breedalot. Same rule applies for an older sound card vs newer onboard audio.
  8. what ram are you using ddr or ddr2?
  9. i'm using 1.5 gigs of DDr2 ram
  10. Hey guys, what would you say about those AMD kits which include a new mobo, an onboard Dedicated Gpu and a new processor? Would that be better than a G31 with my current processor(btw is my current processor even compatible with these new boards?), i'll get back to you about the AMD kit with the specifics, i'm in a bit of a hurry now
  11. here'what i'm getting for 50$ in exchange for my current specs of a local trusted dealer-
    ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 AM2+/AM2 NV Geforce 7025 / nForce 630a chipset AMD Motherboard

    a Sempron 1250

    Now i'm worried mainly about the Sempron not being able to handle very much, not that i put my PC through much anyway but is the 2.2 Ghz enough to handle casual gaming, i'm talking Pro evo and fifa titles and the occasional RPG or RTS.
    The mobo has an onboard dedi, Nvidia 7025.

    i'm happy with the board since it leaves me options to upgrade afterwards(Q- is the AM2/AM2+ since the newer ones have an AM3 socket, though i have no plans to go for a high end phenom chip)

    So in the end i'd like to ask will it give me more performance than my original setup (P4 prescott 3.06 Ghz, Intel 915 chipset 1.5 Gigs DDR2 ram)

    Please give your suggetions on the Sempron as well, Thanks!

    (PS- why does it still say stranger below my avatar?)
  12. Does the sempron have any overclocking possibilities?, and would the Nvidia be better than the Geforce 5200?And forget what i said about the AM2/+ socket, i forgot that the chips were backward compatible). And will i be able to run Windows 7/Vista better than now on my current system?
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