Reinstalling Win 7 on a Kingston V Series SSD

I've been having a lot of fun with my computer. I had it all setup with the Kingston V SSD 64GB as my boot drive and my rotional drive as a program drive. The program drive died and the boot drive was having issues. So I tried to reload Win 7 on the SSD and everytime I click to install the new copy I get an error. So I installed Win 7 on the program drive and reformated the SSD. When I try and install Win 7 on the SSD it gives me the option to repair it or install it. If I select to install I get the same error as before. This is pretty strange since the drive shouldn't even have Windows on it.

Any ideas?
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  1. Go into Disk Manager and delete the partitions on the ssd, when you install W7 it creates a 100 meg hidden partition for itself, which is why it thinks Windows is still there.
    Formating the drive doesn't remove the files on the hidden partition.
    I'm asuming you have a full version of W7 to reinstall, so just delete the partitions on the ssd and don't create any new ones, boot the W7 dvd and create a new partition from the setup.
    Oh and don't forget to disconnect the normal drive that has W7 now before starting.
  2. Thanks Jonmor68, I did this earlier and it still didn't work. I did figure out the problem, although I really don't understand why. I had another data disk that I didn't disconnect since it isn't bootable but for some reason it was interferring with the startup. Go figure! That was a waste of a weekend.
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