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I just overclocked my q6600 to a stable 3.2 and have been trying to get solid numbers in terms of temperatures and opinions to make sure im not gonna fry the damn thing on a hot day or if possible to push it a little further.

As of the time these screenshots were taken, the ambient room temp is 25c.

From what I can tell the temps seem fine since they are well below the max tcase of 71 and tjunction of 90-100.

My problem is that I have seen the Cores go to as much as 75/75/72/72 Durring a prime 95 blend test a few days ago when it was atleast 33-35c in the room (the tj max was set to 100). I live in NY and the temperatures here are constantly up and down all the time. Granted its probably not going to be on at full load while I am away but still im not exactly experienced at overclocking and am not comfortable leaving a potential heat risk unatended.

I have been checking around all the forums and there are waaaaay too many mixed opinions when it comes to what the temps should be/what the tj max is/if the temp monitors are calibrated correctly etc etc.

I ran prime95 this time with Large FFt's for maximum heat. (I think thats whats its for)

Processor = Q6600 G0
Motherboard = EVGA 680i
Cooler = XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am from argentina, sorry for my english.
    I have too a q6600 ~3ghz vcrore 1.28v temperature idle 25 °C, full load 55°C cooler termalteck V1.

    I push the cpu to 3.4 ghz with a voltage 1.41v the temperaute in prime is 77°C, is stable.

    Remember, prime is a torture test, and in the daily life that never hapen.
    if your cpu is stable at that temperature then you can live with them.
    to be safe, always check
  2. That actually makes alot of sense but what kind of stress test should I be running to get accurate load max temperatures?
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