HD4870x2 Alt-Tab delays please help

hey guys and girls,

I'm having problems with my two HD4870x2 in crossfireX . Everytime I Alt-Tab out and then Alt-Tab back in games it takes about 3 seconds for the picture to come up. The sound is instant but I get a black screen for a good 3 secs before the game pops up. I have no other programs running in the background while this is happening and ive updated to the latest drivers. I dont know what else to do its very annoying almost to the point where I wanna sell these cards. Ive test it with just one card and the same thing occurs.

Pentium Core2 Duo E8500
Gigabyte EP45-DS3R
2x HD4870x2's in CrossfireX
4gig DDR800
W.D. SATA 500g HD
thermaltake 1200watt PSU
Viewsonic 28" monitor 1920x1200

Really annoying seeing as I brought this set up to play high end games but all I play now is Wow definately not a high end game as far as visuals go so you'd think I'd Alt-Tab back in rather quick. I use to run two 8800GTS 512m and that was fine, use to alt tab back and forth without a problem at all.

any help would be awsome
thank you
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  1. I'm wondering why you didn't choose a X38 or X48 board for your setup. Those GPU's are very powerful and you are running them at X8 instead of the X16 they crave. You are limiting the entire setup because you are using an inexpensive board on a high end setup. I would sell your board and get a new board instead of selling your GPU's. PC Hard drives are the slowest compared to the rest of your system. This is also another reason why you are seeing the few second lag. I'm not sure if I've said this enough, but sell your board and get a new one. If you are interested in the performance increase there are many boards that would suit you much better. P45 runs GPUs in Crossfire at X8 X8, X38/X48 does X16, X16, which is much faster. Cards like you have need lots of bandwidth, as they are starved right now.
  2. thanks for the reply one-shot. I thought Gigabyte EP45-DS3R ran Xfire at 16/16 must have made a big error in my research prior of purchase. I dont know if the HD is causing the problem because i had the same set up but different mobo and cards and everything was fine.
  3. bump
  4. the 3 second pause alt-tabbing between games is normal...
  5. you mean normal for ATi cards or normal with all setup? becuase i never had this problem when i had two 8800s
  6. Depending on the game my PC will take a few more seconds to load it back from Alt Tab. I play HL2 with the Cinematic Mod 8 and they recommend 4Gb of RAM and a 64bit OS. I couldn't run it on 32bit XP with the graphics up or it would constantly crash. Games like that take a few more seconds to load up for me. Older games, like BF2 or COD4 Mulitplayer, load up in a second when I'm switching between programs.
  7. Normal with every setup I've ever seen.
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