AMD 435 X3 Unlocking issues

So I bought the 435 X3 and a gigabyte MA785GM-US2H that has the ACC feature.
Here are my bios settings:

Here is the ACC screen before I enable it:

Here is the ACC screen after I enable it and reboot, notice the extra core on the cpu core control that wasn't there before, no idea why there is 2 there now:

And this is what happens on booting into windows:

Click on the picture to zoom in the see the artifacting lines (this only appears on the desktop background, not in applications)
For some reason i get wierd artifacting lines and a genuine windows error in the bottom corner, yet the core runs stable in prime95.
Any Ideas as to why i would get wierd artifacting and errors if the core runs stable?
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  1. Sounds like you have a bad core. You could try raising the core voltage to see if that helps stabilize it, but be careful. Raising the vcore too high can burn out your CPU. I would go on the AMD site and see what the maximum core voltage your CPU can handle. I wouldn't go any higher than .5 over what they specify as the max. Even then, if you have to go that high, then I would just lock the cores back up. And, ensure you have adequate cooling and air flow. Raising the core voltage also causes the cpu temp to rise.

    If that doesn't help, then I'd say you're out of luck and the 4th core was disabled for a good reason - it was bad.
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