OCZ platinum DDR3 running at 800?

I just finished building my first computer and everything is running
however the ram I have installed 6g triple channel DDR3 should be running at 1600 but when I check eleet its says 800.

How can I fix this?

Mob: evga x58 sli
CPU: i7 920 stock
ram: ocz patinum triple-channel DDR3

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  1. I'm not familiar with eleet.

    It may well be reporting the correct frequency. DDR means Double Data Rate.

    800x2 =1600

    1600mhz RAM does indeeed run at 800mhz. If you were using CPU-Z it would say 800mhz, and that would mean your 1600mhz RAM was running correctly.
  2. aaahhh that could be it because whenever I switch the freq. in the bios it does cut it in half in eleet, wow lol. well thanks if that was the problem!
  3. Yep. IIRC, eleet is based on CPU-Z, and CPU-Z shows my DDR3-1600 as 800 as well (800 is the memory I/O clock, whereas 1600 is the number of transfers per second).
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