OC an E6750 and IP35, attempting 3.6GHZ

I don't know if I should just make the jump and buy a whole new setup since I last built this machine 2.5 years ago.

I want to OC for now since I really don't do much with my computer; just games and Web, light Photoshop, and music listening.

I have:

Abit ip35 Pro Latest BIOS
E6750 G0 Revision
Crucial Ballistix 4x2GB timings
8800GTS 512

I have the BIOS set to a FSB of 400, 1:1 multiplier so it currently runs at 3.2G; ran everest stress for over 4 hours fine, and runs fine, boots everytime as well, no issues

I would like to achieve 3.6G but it will BSOD, I upped the voltage and yeah still BSOD

Please help
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  1. Well, you have omitted a lot of crucial information, so:
    What are your temps like with Realtemp or Coretemp under load and what cooler are you using?
    What exact ram do you have?
    Did you try to work up your OC in small steps or just go from 3.2 - 3.6 ?
    What other voltages besides vcore did you change?
    What is the vdroop of your board (Bios setting vs Cpu-z)?

    That should get us started.
  2. 46c stress test with everest 5.5, I have a Zalman 9500

    Exact ram Crucial Ballistix BL25664AA80A.16FE5

    800MHZ it is actually 5-5-5-18, I originally stated 5-5-5-12

    I jumped from 3.2 to 3.6 :)

    I have not changed any other voltages only vcore and ram

    vcore 1.35-1.42

    ram 1.8-2.1

    bios and cpu-z are the same

  3. Well, I would download Prime95 for your stress testing, just because everyone is very familiar with it and what it will mean if it fails on say small FFT vs Blend test.

    Second, I would lower the cpu multiplier to 6 or 7 and raise your FSB to 450. This will allow you to test your ram at 900 vs the 800 it is certified to run at. You may have to raise your NB voltage and may even have to loosen up your timings (6-6-6-20) to get it run at that OCed speed. Once you determine that your ram will run at 450 you can work at raising your multiplier back up and getting your cpu stable at 3.6 Ghz.
  4. OK, I ran prime overnight at 3.2G, went well, with what you know; what is the best way for me to achieve 3.6G?

    450 x 7

    What else?

    Change what voltage ram, etc?
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    Ok, first download Intel's data sheet for your processor so you have an idea of max voltages etc:

    Then you will have to set your multiplier back to 8, set your FSB Term voltage, Cpu voltage, NB voltage, Ram voltage and GTL Ref voltage, here's a decent post on GTL Ref:

    As with all overclocking it's a matter of trial and error to find the lowest stable voltages for both your MB, Ram and Cpu.
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  7. thanks for the help, really appreciated
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