Win 7 install problems with new SSD

Hello everyone!

I just got the x25-m intel 80GB SSD as well as a copy of windows 7 64 bit ultimate.

I plugged it in next to my 1TB HD that has my current OS (win 7 RC (which is expired now, hence the upgrade)).

I then changed the SSD to the primary booting drive in the BIOS and attempted to install the new copy of windows 7, but the screen went all black after it was done, and I just sat there and waited for a while (prob 5-10 mins) because I read here that it may take a while to restart or something. But it never really worked.

Then me and my friend took the HDD out and put the SSD in its spot so it could be in the SATA 1 port, but it didn't really make a difference. Basically everything we try ends up with the black screen of death, so we don't really know what to do.

I searched these forums for a while and found problems similar to this but I couldn't find a solution

I'm not very experienced with all of this (obviously, lawlz) and I hope you guys can help me out!


ps: when we get this to work I was planning to try and store my games on the HDD and then ghost them onto the SSD when i play them to conserve space (if im understanding that right?), I have heard mixed reviews about this tho so I was looking for some clarification, :D thanks!
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  1. You must set the dvd rom as first boot, that's why you are getting nothing and leave the other drive disconnected untill you finish installing Windows. The instalation should take about 20 minutes.
    As to your ps: forget it, just install the ones that you use most on the ssd, just don't overfill it, leave plenty of breathing room.
    Don't forget Windows will need space for restore points, while these can be restricted, they can be usefull if things go pearshape.
    I do suggest that you create an image from the ssd once fully operational, updated and activated across to your second drive and dvd's. That way you can restore the whole thing in minutes in case of a major catastrophy.
    Have fun.
  2. I just tried that, dvd drive as first boot with SSD as second and it installed all the way for the most part but right at the end it restarted but after the windows logo appeared, the screen went black, it was still getting input but it was just a black screen. that's where it keeps failing im so baffled

    also with the ghosting, is it just not worth it to do that? or is it bad for the SSD or what? it just seemed like a fun thing to try but meh

  3. ok 1 question I have, is did you go ijto the bios and enable ahci for the ssd drive? If I remember what I read correctly, they require it to be enabled.. check that and reinstall again and let us know what happens
  4. I think that you have the same problem that i had, it was caused by the windows default video drivers not displaying an image at my native resolution which results in a black screen...this is what worked for me,

    1. restart your computer and enter the BIOS
    2. select the ssd as your boot drive
    3. reboot
    4. repeatedly press f8 until windows boot options appear on screen
    5. select low resolution video

    if it works you will boot in 800x640 resolution and should be able to finish your windows installation, following this install your video drivers from a thumb-drive and then restart the pc, it should start up normally and then you can begin doing windows updates :)
    hope this helps

  5. thanks max!

    i tried that but i never got the option to change to resolution on the monitor, so i went and got my old crt monitor and plugged it in and everything went smoothly this time!

    thanks everyone for help! :hello:


    ps: couldnt figure out how to close thread or select best answer, im an idiot, cya
  6. i´m glad i could help, it took me 3 windows installations and 2 hours of frustration before i worked it out! lol enjoy your SSD
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