$1600 System, You decide, 'cause I can't.

Alright, I have computer hardware knowledge you'd expect from your average nurse. I'll give you one guess at my profession.

I have $1600 to burn on a system. Here's what little I know I want, and I need your help to figure out the rest.

I need everything; monitor, dvd drive, keyboard, everything.

I'd eventually want to use this system to edit hi def movies and for gaming, although that isn't an initial priority. I'd like it to be easily upgradable.

I want the ability to SLI (so obviously a Nvidia product) and with that it mind I'll only be starting out with one graphics card.

I would like to use the i7 processor.

And one little question since I have your attention, why would someone have 6g of memory... I thought windows could only recognize up to 4g of memory?

Hit me with your knowledge.

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  1. I actually have a newegg cart filled with pretty much exactly what you want... give me a few minutes to find it.

    64-bit Windows can recognize 8gb of RAM and more, depending on which you get. Vista Ultimate 64 can recognize up to 128GB of RAM.

    Do you need an operating system too?
  2. 32-bit windows only recognizes 3-3.5 gigs of ram. You will want to use a 64-bit version.
    ATI card can "SLI" as well, except that it's called "crossfire"
    An i7-920 + motherboard should be $550ish. 3 x 2gig DDR3 = $150 or so.
    If gaming isn't a real priority at the moment I'd go for an HD4850 for $150 and crossfire it later. Even just one can handle any game around at the moment quite well except on the highest resolutions. A very nice PSU and case should be about $100 each. A terrabyte hard drive is $100 or so.
    That's all the basic components for around $1150.
    Reasonable keyboard/mouse/speakers/dvd-burner should add up to another $100 leaving $350 or so for a nice monitor.
  3. jyjjy - excellent approximations. You should be good to go with those suggestions.

    Come back with a basic list, and we'll help you out.
  4. Nevermind, I can't find it.

    But yeah, you should get a 4870 1GB with 24 or 26 inch monitor. Get the i7 920 and I'd recommend a Zalman CNPS9700 cpu fan with an i7 mounting bracket available on Newegg.

    Mobo:EVGA 132-BL-E758-A1 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/ProductProduct.aspx?Item=N82E16813188039

    Optical Drive:SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 16X DVD+R DL 22X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW

    Graphics Card: EVGA 01G-P3-1280-AR GeForce GTX 280 1GB

    Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB

    Monitor: Acer P243WAid Black-Silver 24" 2ms

    Processer: i7 920

    PSU: ??

    Momory: Eh? Compatibility? How much? Eh?

    Thanks for the help... wasn't watching the dollars...Whatcha think?
  6. Sorry. Have an irrational attachment to Nvidia over Radeon
  7. If you're only going to run that one GTX 280 with minimal overclocking, then go with a 750W PSU: Corsair TX750 or PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750.

    1000W gives you additional room to both overclock high and SLI the GTX 280. If you want to tri-SLI, then you'd need 1200W.

    Whatever power rating you ultimately decide on, go with PC Power & Cooling, Corsair or Antec, in single power rail design (to keep things simple).

    Think of how much upgrade headroom you need to build into your PSU, unless you decide to upgrade PSU later if you add more components. This is a tough tradeoff, because PSUs are expensive, should last a long time and carry through more than one build. Suggest you add margin according to budget.

    RAM: Start with this for now and upgrade later: 3x2GB of G.Skill DDR3-1333 at CL7.

    OS: You'll also need Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit version.

    I wasn't watching that budget either, but those were very nice picks, given your OP! :lol:
  8. cruxamity said:

    I have $1600 to burn on a system.

    I need everything; monitor, dvd drive, keyboard, everything.

    I'd eventually want to use this system to edit hi def movies and for gaming, although that isn't an initial priority. I'd like it to be easily upgradable.

    You'll need a 2-hard drive RAID setup for that, plus a hard drive for Vista 64 and another for storage. You'll also need a Blu-Ray burner for burning the movies.

    Here's my simple list:

    $280 - Intel Core i7 920
    $27 - XigmaTek 120mm cpu cooler
    $8.50 - XigmaTek bracket
    $6 - Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

    $300 - EVGA x58 motherboard
    $150 - 6gb G.Skill DDR3 (you'll want another 6gb when editing HD video)

    $370 - GeForce GTX 280 SSC Edition
    $70 - PC Power & Cooling S61EPS 610W (upgrade IF you go SLi)
    $280 - 24" 1920x1200 widescreen LCD (you may want another when editing HD video)

    $150 - 2 x Wester Digital 640gb hard drives (put Vista 64 on one and games on the other...buy two more drives when you are going to edit HD video and put them in RAID 0)

    $230 - LIAN LI PC-A70B Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case
    $23 - LG DVD burner (also buy a Blu-Ray burner when editing/burning HD video)

    $100 - Vista 64 SP1

    You could go with a cheaper case, but Lian Li's are sweet aluminum. With possibly 4+ hard drives and 2 gtx280's, you'll want a full tower.

    You could also go with smaller hard drives, but $75 for a speedy 640gb is pretty cheap. But you'll definitely want two more hard drives in a stripped RAID 0 setup for editing HD video...it's pretty much a requirement for editing HD video.

    You'll also need a Blu-Ray burner for the HD videos.


    On another note, this is a lot of money (I know nurses make bank, my sis is one) and would be quite the first build. But you may want to start off building a $600-700 PC to get the hang of it and see if you really need to spend $1800+. Not to mention it's fairly easy to sell a cheaper PC on eBay or Craigslist.
    $75 - Intel e5200 (overclock it to 3.0ghz+)
    $100 - Gigabyte UD3R motherboard
    $40 - 4gb DDR2-800
    $200 - Nvidia gtx260
    $50 - Mid tower case of your choice
    $40-50 - 450watt+ power supply
    $22 - DVD/CD burner
    $75 - 640gb hard drive
    $120+ - 22" 1680x1050 LCD monitor
  9. After doing a quick check, it seems that the memory suggested for the mobo

    $300 - EVGA x58 motherboard
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6813188039
    $150 - 6gb G.Skill DDR3 (you'll want another 6gb when editing HD video)
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6820231223

    doesn't have a listed compatability. So should I look for the momory that EVGA has cleared for their boards? Or should the G.Skill work fine regardless?
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