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I'm looking to replace my square 17" monitor w/ a widescreen. I can get these 2 monitors for around the same price. Don't want to spend a HUGE amount of money...
BenQ X2200W or Samsung 2443BW
I've heard the BenQ's are excellent and the SS is more of a flash than dash kind of monitor. However, it is 2" bigger. So would I be better off with a lesser 24 or a better 22? 22 is still pretty big right :D
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  1. 22" = 1680x1050
    24" = 1920x1200

    What are you planning on doing with it, general use or gaming?

    What grapics card do you have, and is it enough to run 1920x1200 with a good FPS?

    Im a bit fan of Samsung monitors, I have just tofday recieved my 2 new Samsung 20".
  2. Alot of general use, but more and more gaming (now that I can) :D
    HD Radeon 4830 (ya ya) but it's got 2x Dual like DVI that will do up to 2500x1600 each. I'm so used to playing games on the old computer at MOST 800x600 so seeing games now at 1280x1024 is awesome enough ;)
    The only other thing is because of the dual DVI outputs, I almost want a monitor that supports dual input (hdmi or whatever)... but that is the least of my concerns.
    I suppose if I get the 24" and I had to dumb it down to like 1280x1024 (until I Crossfire) I'd still be happy just with the viewing area....
  3. Or, I can get the SS T240 for a few bucks more from one of our suppliers (we're electricians but we have a 'tech' section so we deal with online computer wholesalers).
    SS t240
    SS 2443BW (-$20)
    BQ X2200W (-$10 from the 2443)
  4. I would suggest going with samsung as they seem to have a better record of reliability. But for your setup i would suggest going with the T220 opposed to the t240. You should be able to make better use of your graphics card and maybe save some money from the 24" model.
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