Overclocking HP laptop by flashing BIOS

I bought a HP dv6t laptop, I choose a Core i5-520M which runs at 2.4GHz, I am wondering if I can overclock the 520M into a 540M which runs at 2.53GHz, a very small overclock I know.
I want a very small overclock because:
1. Easier, and probably no voltage adjustments needed.
2. To cheat the system.

So, is it possible to overclock the CPU via flashing the motherboard BIOS or flashing the motherboard BIOS to unlock the options.
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  1. Well yes I suppose if the BIOS you're flashing to supports overclocking, otherwise, I don't see how it could, unless you try using some Windows software, and I'm not sure of any which can overclock Nehalems.
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