WD My Book 1tb or WD Green 1tb + usb enclosure


I have been reading a lot of topics on this forums for 4 days now, but I could not find an answer to my question. May be it is due to my lack of knowledge about hard drives.

I am getting an external hard drive that will be used for storage.

I am debating about getting the WD my book 1tb external hard drive, or getting an internal hard drive like the WD Green and putting it in an internal enclosure.

People here are always recommending internal hard drive + enclosure. But I don't know why. These two choice will cost me about the same money. And putting an internal hard drive in a usb 2.0 enclosure will give me the same transfer speed.

In my country, I could not find an eSATA enclosure, so this is not an option now. And I need the hard drive as soon as possible, so I am not going to buy from ebay right now.

In the store that I am going to buy from, there is the WD Green, WD Blue, Seagate expansion, and WD My Book.

So these are my only choices for 1 tb hard drive.

I want to buy something that will not die with in the first 2 years of use.

And from my searching, I found that My Book has a WD Green Power hard drive. Is it the same as WD Green?

Sorry for my bad language, english is not my primary language.
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  1. The reason that at least I like an external drive and enclosure is that it is made to be taken apart. So then if the drive goes bad, or you need a larger drive, or whatever, you can just take it apart and swap in a new one.

    As far as lasting a long time, no one can guarantee a hard drive. Your data might as well not exist if it is not backed up somewhere. Both those companies have as good a reputation as any.

    If you built your own external I would go for the green drive. I'm not sure if this is what is used it the my book (green power is too much of marketing talk to know what they are really talking about) but it uses less power, generates less heat and the lower data rates won't effect something limited by usb 2.0.

    Hope this answers most of your questions.
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