Cannot connect my TV through HDMI adapter

I have a ATI Radeon 3800 series graphics card that i want to connect to my bravia HDTV.
When i use a DVI-HDMI adapter that came with the graphics card and a HDMI cable it doesn't display on the tv.
However if i use a DVI-VGA adapter in the same port and connect that to the tv, it works.

When the HDMI is connected Catalyst doesn't detect the tv, and forcing a tv detection hasn't helped either.

Anyone know what could cause something like this?
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  1. I had a similar problem connecting my HTPC to my Olevia HDTV. Instead of using a DVI to HDMI converter and an HDMI cable, try using just a DVI to HDMI cable like this one

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks. I'll give that a try
  3. Well, that worked. Now i just need to buy myself a new cable.

    Anyone know how to show on resolution on my tv and another on my screen?
  4. You should be able to set individual resolutions to each screen in Catalyst Control Center.

    -Wolf sends
  5. I think the reason the adaptor didn't work is because it is made to send sound through. Or thats what I thought.

    Most likely though it is causing the TV not to see it as HD compliant with the adaptor so that DVI to HDMI is better. Even though it will say its not compliant it is BTW. I play Blu Rays theough my PC with a DVI to HDMI cable. Looks awesome and the drive was only $100 bucks compared to a player at $300.

    As for the res, what Wolf said. Go under the CCC and Display Managers will show a screen with both screens you have connected. Select the TV (should be #2 by default) and then set the res and you are all set.
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