I7 930 OC (getting low temps)

I recently purchased an i7 930, and a Thermaltake Frio cooler. I am getting (according to speedfan) 22-30C. If it is this low, and only reaching 40s while playing a game like Bioshock 2 on max settings, should I try to overclock it a bit more? It is only overclocked to the 3.4ghz that is done with the Gigabyte program set to Turbo.
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    I would run Prime95 for 10-15 minutes while monitoring with Realtemp or Coretemp to see what the worse case scenario would be for your OC before trying to increase it.

    If the temps still look good I would OC via the Bios and not software based as they tend to overvolt quite a bit.
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