I have P5Q3 Deluxe OCZ 3P1600EB2GK + Q9650 need Opinions

Hi All,

I have recently newly completed my system. I have P45 board asus P5Q3 Deluxe and my ram is OCZ 3P1600EB2K, Total 2GB ram. My system looks runs default ram speed at 1333 FSB at least I have seen AI suit software which comes with asus board in Cd how to I should I setup the board or Ram run at 1600 fsb.
I have only also two times experienced my system freezed when I exracting zip files from zip file to onother file. the zip file was one is 3 gb and onother is 3 gb too total 6 gb exracting, two portion. but before I have not installed "intel matrix storege manager "
after installed inte matrix storege menager and I have updated
and installed new version " marvel 88SE6111 SATA conroller driver V1.2.0.57...."
I have several dvd games exracted or copyed (large files)to desktop to my computer I have not experienced any freezes.I hope I won,t have any difficulties about this board in the fature
What is your suggestions .


Thank you

Mesut A.
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  1. Run Prime95 for 4-6 hours. Watch temps to be sure with Coretemp.

    If you fail Prime. There is something wrong with your system.
  2. İt seemed to me the Asus solved the problem about the board P5Q3 Deluxe wif with bios version 2004.
    I got afew errors in the board defult seetings (auto) in Prime 95 in a just few minutes tests but I did little manual adjustmend , I did short test it looked to me worked fine and stable.I didin,t see anymore errors.But I didin,t do long test.
    İn my I last time made a test temparutures rised alittle like
    At core temp
    Core 0: 65
    Core 1: 60
    Core 2 : 64
    Core 3: 60
    At full load
    İdle : 43 ,41,44,37
    When I made test lower frequensues like (1333) test temparatures were very low few days ago I need to check case I have zalman cnp 9700NT it was runing q fan mode
    in fsb 1600 mode it produces alot of heat !!but Cpu temp looked to me alittle high
    Or do I need to make more particular ajjustment(expecially for CPU voltage) for get less high temparatures
    I hope the Asus solved everything about this mainboard
    Does any one know EXACT seettings ?? 1600 mode and 1333 Fsb Mode ??? I mean Stable, Any expert suggestions I appari ciate it
    My computer :
    P5Q3 deluxe Wifi Bios ver 2004
    CNP Zalman 9700 NT
    Radeom 4870 Toxic OC 1 GB
    Thermaltake 750 Watt PSU
    Cpu Q9650 3 Ghz
    Thermaltake Tsunami Case
    Seagate 320 GB HDD
    two dvd writer

    Thank you for your answer too "boulard83"

    Thanks alot

  3. yes, lowering Volts lower Load temps. But you need volts to be stable ! heres come the DemoN !

    be stable at the speed you are aiming ..... after being stable. Lower ONE VOLT AT A TIME. and retest stability. If your no more stable, take the last V you lowered back up... this is the lowest for this one. Make this with every volts. This way youll have the lowest hardware temp for your speed.
  4. My Bios settings are

    PCI 100
    Fsb Bridge 333 mhz
    DDR3 setting auto
    DDR3 Clocks

    CPU voltage 1.03000
    DDR3 Voltage 1.82
    Nb voltage 1.32 ,sometimes I put auto

    All other settings all Auto Mode !!!

    When I lovered CPU voltage from the Bios the CPU Load temp get more lover.

    I tested with Prime 95 No Errors I tested only almost 2 hours later I wanted to stop testing Because it seemed to me Just Fine.Room Temp was bettween 30-35 Degree

    While full load

    Core Temp : current Low High
    59 C 54 61
    55 49 55
    60 54 60
    56 49 56

    Speedfan 4.30

    System 50 C
    CPU 52
    Aux 18
    Hd0 36
    Core 0 59
    Core 1 54
    Core 2 59
    Core 3 55 C

    Real Temp


    54 50 55 51

    Minimum Temp

    49 44 47 44 C

    Max Temp

    56 55 55 55 C

    Asus AI Suite CPU 51 C System 50 C

    I have tested next day room temp was Between 25-30 Degree This time all Temparatures were 3 or 4 Degree more less Degree. I tested 2 and 30 min with Prime 95 later I stopped No Error !!

    Asus AI suite Cpu 48 C System 47 C while full load

    Asus Ai suite Shows FSB 1599.55
    CPU 2999.17 Mhz
    0399.88 X 07.5

    I am not a Overlocker I just wan to Use My computer That My rams DDR3 1600 and CPU Q 9650 3.0 GHz That settings, not more then 1600 and not more then 3.0 GHz

    I have two things ;

    After tested My cımputer strange thing happened maybe software bug!!

    2 days ago I was playing X blader Pc game just testing my computer
    I made a ALT and TAB looked the speed fan and asus AI suite for the temp so what I see!!!
    My Cpu Temp was 112 C at asus AI suite system was 49 C
    At sppedfan CPU 112 C
    Cores 48 45 49 43 system 49 C

    Few min later had to check it was the higher temp was normal.

    Other thing was I noticed about CPU speed and ram Speed sometime I do a ALT + TAB to check temp some times I see CPU speed 3333.50 Mhz and FSB Speed 1700.70 At Asus AI Suit While I was playing the game such as COD 5 or GENERALS Last version
    But in a few sconds quickl it changes back to normal to FSB 1599.55 and CPU 2999.17 MHZ

    But I don’t want this happen which settings I should do for NOT GO OVER FSB 1599.55 and CPU 2999.17 MHZ Because it maybe make trouble in the fature!!

    Any Suggestions Thanks

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