Keep the card or return it?

I've just finished building my new comp with two ASUS 4850 TOP in CF. There's sufficient airflow in my case (Antec 900), however the cards' are idling around 57-58C. Perhaps I should've heeded those warnings on Newegg's customer reviews -- that this card runs real hot in CF configuration.

Now my question is -- what would you guys suggest I do from the following options?

a) Just keep the cards and pray for the best
b) RMA one of them and just stick with a single card, and upgrade it in the future (and pay the price of the 15% restocking fee -- $24.75 (original price was $165)


c) RMA BOTH of them and find myself two equivalent but better cards suited for CF (and pay the restocking fee of $24.75 x 2 = $49.50)

What do you guys think??
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  1. How are the other temperatures? Remember, GPU chips can handle far higher temperatures than most others and I`d be more concerned with the other chip temperatures than those of the GPUs`.

    First I`d try Rivatuner or the CCC and ramp up the fan speeds first.
    If the cards are overclocked, try resetting them to stock or reference speeds.
  2. 4850 is notorious for being hot. The temps sound fine. I am due to pick up a aftermarket cooler soon and overclock mine so ill post up some results in a week or so.
  3. If you have an antec 900 then you are set. Just turn the fans on high if you can tolerate the noise. Did you mount the fan that goes on the back of the drive cases? It positions just right so it blows right at two GPUs in xfire. Also the fan in the side door blows right at them as well.

    The 900 has excellent airflow so I wouldn't worry at all. Like coozie said, turn on the manual fan control (but I would just use CCC) if they get too hot. You should be fine though even if they reach into the 80C range.
  4. The ASUS 4850 TOP is already overclocked a lil bit by default, so there's not much I can do about it. I'm just running it at the factory speed.

    I dunno what my CPU temp is (any suggestion for a good CPU temp monitor?). However, when idle, the 4850 temp from one card is around 57-58C, and the second card would be around 48-50C. I haven't had a chance to put some loads on the cards yet, since I haven't got any games installed at the moment, so I dunno what the temps would be like when under load.

    I haven't added any additional fans to the Antec 900 yet. Which drive case would you mount the extra fan on, the upper case or lower drive case? It seems to me (judging from the empty mount) the airflow from the fan would only cover one card plus a bit of the second one, but not both.

    And if I add the side-door fan, it's supposed to be blowing air IN? Or sucking air OUT? There are already two GPU fans on the cards which (I assume) are sucking the hot air OUT from the GPU heatsink, so shouldn't the side-door fan help suck those hot air OUT as well? Or am I completely wrong?
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