Overclocking Pentium D 930

Hi folks have a few probs with overclocking my cpu I will list my setup.

XP Pro SP3
4x 512 MB DDR2 667 OCZ
Pentium D 930 3.0ghz
9800gt 512mb Zotac
520 watt apevia PSU (my GFX card gave me some bullshit about not enough power so I now have in tandam 3 PSU)
200 Watt Supermicro PSU
350 Watt Dell PSU

Okay so here is my problem, I have gotten it to overclock to 3.3ghz on stock voltage, and it idles at an amazing 26C 35C max load. Okay so I go to change voltage right? Wrong I change it from 1.21v to 1.3v save changes and restart, guess what happens, pc starts up then turns off, so I reset the cmos and try an increment of .01v from 1.21v to 1.22v save changes and restart pc starts up and then shuts down, so I do entire process over witht he cpu at stock settings the same thing happens???????
this was before I had 2 other power supplies hooked up (because I am poor and because I know Electronics I hooked them up in parrallel) So it cant be that.... Any ideas, it is rock solid at 3.3ghz I just cant go higher because I cant change the fricking voltage...
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  1. you get junk mobo's they limit the voltage - and the psu is way too small


    crank the voltage up to 1.4-1.5 area for proper oc

    manually set the ran to low speed and high latencie and get the cpu set -- raise the cpu speed until temps go up you see i big bump after a little change in the bios that is the sweeet spot

    set the ram last

    leave the mobo on auto - if need be set the mobo settings manually such as north briget or mch voltage

    read the guides here
  2. As I said I now have 3 pus's in tandem equivalent to about 1070 watts.
  3. i have a pD 930 and a asus p5wd2 premium, i think the stock voltage is 1,33 and same as you it's rock solid with 10% oc, then you need to increase voltage, to get 4,2ghz I used voltage on ~1,475 but to maintain stable I made a vdroop mod in my asus mobo.
    sorry about my english and I hope you can understand me.
  4. the thing is I cant change my voltage it doesnt work
  5. You've set your mobo to jumper free state right?
  6. I dont know if my mobo has that I have a ecs c19 a sli, and when I change my voltage and restart the computer will start up and turn off, at any voltage change even under volting
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