I7 x58 Overclocking Trouble

I am having a lot of trouble overclocking my i7 processor. I have tried many different clock speeds and voltages but every time i reach past 3.6 ghz i freeze with sound loop in windows or the computer just restarts without warning.

Can anyone help me achieve an overclock of about 3.6- 4 ghz?

here are my specs:
Intel Core i7 920
EVGA X58 LE motherboard
OCZ Tripple Channel RAM 1600mhz 7-7-7-24 timings
GTX 280 Graphics Card
750 Watt Power supply

if someone could provide me with a bios template for overclocking with my specs that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance i really appreciate it!
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  1. Start out by setting the RAM multiplier to the lowest setting (8?), then proceed with the OC. There are some excellent guides for OC right here on this site.
  2. Proffy, I have the same exact Mobo and using I7-920 as well. There should be a blue screen of death that usually appears once you've reached that max for the voltages and ram. On the EVGA website theres a tutorial that also goes over these blue screens of death here

    As Ubrales stated try setting the FSB: DRAM to 2:8. I noticed using the 2:10 Mine started blue screening around 3.4-3.5 once i ran a stress test. I'm assuming it was because the frequency of the ram for the timings was higher than they could support.

    Whats the CPU VCore at for you? Mine's running 1.22 which maybe too high so I'm gonna play with a bit tonight.

    ~~Edit for Add-On~~

    Here's a link for getting to 4.2 on a i7-920 D0. I haven't tried this but I can say 3.6 w/ VCore set to 1.22V, everything else auto, FSB: DRAM 2:8, & QPI 172 should be safe. 3.7 at these settings crashes.
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