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Im planning on running 2 GTX 285s in SLI in the new X58 system im building. I'm not adding much in the way of extra components. Just your standard components. I was wondering if an Antec signature 850w is enough to power them. I've read a lot about this PSU and all the reviews seem to be positive. If the 850w is not enough i would appreciate any suggestions.
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  1. It should be fine.

    This link shows your PSU model on the certification list for dual 280's.
    Now it doesn't show the 285, but the power consumption tests showed the 285s to use slightly less juice at idel and the same under load.,2139-9.html
  2. Thanks for the help, I looked on that certified list and it seems like a big list of "These companies paid for thier PSU to be on here" PSUs. I've come to expect this, but they still make you doubt yourself when it comes to your system not working properly.
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