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Will I be able to insert a windows installation cd/dvd with this? Not sure what some of these things mean, like "ROM"
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    Yes, it will read a Windows installation DVD. The 'ROM' part signifies, that it can only read discs. It doesn't have burning capabilities. If you want a DVD drive that can burn discs, they are only ~ $8 more.

    You'll also need a SATA cable, as that drive won't come with one.
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  3. Can you recommend one with cables. I don't really need to burn DVDs, I got my ps3 for my movie watching business :D
  4. This drive comes with the cable, and has burning capability.

    This is a retail DVD ROM drive. It includes the cable, but lacks burning ability.

    The price difference isn't much. Personally, I'd go with the first one, but the choice is yours.
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