Problems with EVGA 790I SLI Ultra ...HELP ME!

I have an EVGA 790I SLi ultra with a Q6600 CPU @ stock Speeds with 2gb DDR3 and 2 GTX 260 (Core 216) in SlI ...but i just put this rig togeather and it freezes @ the post screen... what's wrong? cPU? Board?...what? help me please!
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  1. Whats the post code if C1 its memory i had same issue the stock volts on this board for mem is 1.5 most memory i have used need more try one stick in the nearest slot to cpu and when in bios up the ram volts to say 1.7 ,best to find out your ram voltage and set to that also see if the mem is set to sli mode if it is make sure your ram is sli compatible
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