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I have recently finished building my first box and all is fine except one thing and im assuming the answer must be simple and i am doing something quite noobish.

The problem is I have 2 drives which i have set up in raid 0 and called d, along with an ssd which is c. I am able to download and install programs to D drive. The problem is when i run them they wont run as something isnt found- i forget the exact msg im not at home now. The only way i get around this is if i copy the program files and than paste them into my program files(x86) folder on the c drive. Than they run fine from C. I am hazarding probably a very innacurrrate guess that there is some sort of file or something on windows which allows running of programs which D doesnt have which is making this occur? The only differance really is windows is installed on c but not on d- thats all i can think of.

Its really got me stumped. I can like copy a movie or picture to d drive and view these no probplem- but getting a program to run- no go. Does windows need to be installed on the drive for programs to run? confused??

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  1. Im no expert, but are they legit programs that you installed from a DVD/CD. I have seen those problems before but it is usually caused by dodgy software like you may get from torrents. You install them from a downloaded file and when trying to run it may ask for a file like dsg.dll (for example), but because it wasnt a legit install it didnt create the correct directory structure and the files are not there.
  2. It's because the ripped or pirated versions are made from a file that has been previously installed to drive "c", or you are have installed the program to another drive and you moved it to your "d" drive by copying it there. The problem is the shortcut or link you are clicking on now does not know where the program is, it thinks the program is still on a drive named "c". Normally, the way it works is when you install a program, and it asks your where you want to install it, it will record the install path and always looks back to that place to find the program when you click the start/run/or executable shortcut. If you can find the programs ini or cfg file, open it, and you should be able to change where it goes and looks for the program from drive "c" to drive "d".
    Or, simply make a new shortcut to the programs executable file, and place it on your start menu or desktop, and delete the one that does not work
  3. no the programs i am trying to install are original legitimate software and when i do the install i select cusom and select d drive- they have not previously been installed to c....

    any other ideas??
  4. hi guys let me start again as i think i may have misled you a bit......i previously said i could install a program but the truth is i cant.......all i can do is download the setup file.......but the setup file will never run......it will only do so if i copy it to c drive...what the HELL IS HAPPENING???!!!


    for example i just downloaded i tunes to d, when i double click on the intunes64setup file i get a msg saying do u want to run this file, i hit yes,, but than NOTHING happens......

    if i copy the file to c and do the same thing the file runs and i can install fine.......this is a big problem as my c drive is ssd and only 64gb .....

    please someone help..........
  5. is there another section i would be better off posting this in to get more replies?????
  6. heloooooooooo..

    im just going to keep being a pesk until someone can help.......
  7. well at least now i know its not an easy fix and isnt just something stupid ive done...

    the best pc brains on the net cant even work this one out...time to call super geeks out it looks like
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