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I love Linux. It has been one of the best choices I ever made to go to it. However, I'm having the issue that not a lot of the applications I want to do successfully run with Wine, and with a VM they lag. So, I would like to dual-boot Windows XP/Ubuntu Linux eventually. However, I'm having an issue with booting from Windows disks.

I try to boot from Windows disks and the computer just... shuts down. It happens at random intervals and I can't really pinpoint any particular time that it occurs. I've tried Windows XP Media Center (what my laptop came with), Windows XP Professional, and even Windows 98. None of them will successfully boot. It starts to, and then it stops and I have trouble starting the laptop again. As in, I'll boot into Windows, the laptop will shut down, I will go to turn it on again and it instantly shuts off.

It is not a heating issue, that I am absolutely sure of. The latest symptom arose when I was into the BIOS changing boot order, and the laptop just shut down like it would if I was trying to install Windows.

I have successfully installed Ubuntu 10.04 as well as used Slax on here without a problem. Windows just doesn't seem to want to do anything.

Other than trying to use the "normal" way of installing and formatting with the disk, I have also tried booting up my laptop with a program called Boot and Nuke, completely formatted, booted into a live version of Ubuntu and used GParted to partition off the drive as a FAT32 and then tried. I got about 50% of the way through the first part of the installation that way, then it just shut down.

I heard some people had success by removing their battery while installing. No luck for me.

I know my wireless and CD drive have been buggy too. I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly is the issue here. I suspect it may be the motherboard, but it's odd that it will only mess up with Windows disks. Perhaps Ubuntu just isn't as intensive an install as Windows is. It could also be the power supply. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you got the latest BIOS revision ?
    Also run a low level disk check for bad sectors ...
  2. hubbardt said:
    Have you got the latest BIOS revision ?
    Also run a low level disk check for bad sectors ...

    Haven't flashed the BIOS, no.

    Have checked the disk. Nothing.
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