"Core i7 920, Gigabyte X58-UD3R Overclocking Issues"

A quick history is in order, I built the following system myself and have been very happy with it.

It consists of a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R mobo, an i7-920 CPU, 6 GB of OCZ DDR3 RAM, an OCZ 700W PSU, and a GTX 260 GPU.

I hope I added the photo's correctly.

I have been OC'd at 4.2 with multi-threading enabled for the past 6 months with zero issues.

I was getting some stuttering in Flight Simulator X and a friend advised that I change my graphics driver, do some specific tweaks to the FSX cfg file, and return to default clock settings in my BIOS and see if there was any difference.

I did all of the above and saw improvement.

But I did not think that my GTX 260 was a bottleneck so I thought I'd OC to my previous successful OC numbers.

The OC failed, it was getting too hot, so I disabled multi-threading and then the OC was successful with no temps above 75C in the successful OCCT test.

Here are those numbers from my BIOS, NOTE: These are the numbers from the succesfull OC with Multi-threading disabled and that passed the OCCT test.

My OC numbers:


CPU V Core=1.300

QPI/VTT Voltage=1.300

DRAM Voltage=1.640

IOH Core=1.100

CPU PLL=Normal

ICH I/O=Normal

DRAM Termination=Auto


Clock ratio=20x

QPI Link speed= x36

BLCK Freq=200

Performance Enhance= Standard

System Memory Multiplier=8.0

Memory Freq =1600

DRAM Timing Selectable=manual

Profile DDR Voltage=1.5

Profile QPI Voltage=1.2


CAS Latency Time=8



tRAS=16 (24)


CPU Cores enabled-all

CPU Multi-threading=DISABLED 1st test-passed, enabled 2nd test-failed.

C1E Enhanced Halt=disabled

C3/C6/C7 State Support=Disabled

CPU Thermal Monitor=enabled


Virtual Tech=disabled

Bi Directional Prochot=disabled

UNCORE Freq=x17 3400MHz

Isochroneous Support=enabled

The OC failed with Multi-threading enabled, the OCCT test resulted in an error in core 2 with a temp spike to 95C.

I am not the most tech savvy person, this was my first build.

I want to learn all I can.

Please do not be harsh with me, I will learn only from constructive criticism and straight-forward advice.

If anyone feels the need to be rude, or criticize solely for the sake of meanness this is not the thread for that, and I am not the type of person who tolerates it.

Any advice, constructive criticism, and help will be most gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Thank you, Aaron

Pics of my PC:

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  1. You haven't done anything crazy or foolish (like OCing to 4.0 with the stock cooler) and your voltages are not out of line so you really don't have to worry about anyone being rude or mean to you.

    I would start by removing and then remounting your heatsink with some fresh TIM. By the way what cooler are you running, I couldn't quite tell from your pics (looks like noctua fans) ?

    You may also want to disable turbo.
  2. Yes, it's the Noctua cooler.

    I was very stable without HT or Turbo, but at the same numbers I was stable with them before, just an hour before.

    Thank you.

    The reason for the note is that a few places I have visited there are many trolls who like to smart off to anybody for anything.

    Thank you very much.
  3. You may also want to drop it down a little bit to like 160-180 (bclk) and work it back up with HT enabled, just to see what your temps look like with a lower OC.
  4. RJR said:
    You may also want to drop it down a little bit to like 160-180 (bclk) and work it back up with HT enabled, just to see what your temps look like with a lower OC.

    Thank you.
  5. Should I also rollback the graphics driver?
  6. I wouldn't, stick with the latest drivers unless they are giving you a problem when gaming.
  7. I went from a 195.something to a 182.50 for vista 64 bit, and it did smooth out some of the performance in FSX.
  8. I was having problems OC'g after changing a driver to my graphics card, and after posting every number from the MIT section of my BIOS some folks told me to roll back to my previous driver.

    One stated that changing to the latest driver for his mouse screwed his stable OC.

    I rolled back and am now stable at 4.0 with the highest temp at 100% stress reached being 73C, but mostly hovering between 68C-71C throughout the test.

    I have disabled Turbo Boost just to test the temps, I am sure that I can enable it and still pass with flying colors and hit 4.2 GHz.

    I have disabled multi-threading, I will test with it enabled later, but I'm sure that I may pass with my current settings if I were to enable it, but might need to come down a little on a couple of voltages.

    Key voltages right now:

    CPU V core= 1.26875

    QPI/VTT= 1.260

    DRAM Voltage= 1.640

    All the other numbers are the same.

    What setting do I enable to allow the CPU to power down when I am not gaming and just surfing the web, etc...?

    Thank you.

    If I fail after enabling Multi-threading what settings should I adjust?

    Thanks, Aaron
  9. Okay, I am back to stable 4.2GHz with the highest temperature reached during testing at 100% load being 77C with the following voltage settings:

    CPU V Core= 1.275

    QPI/VTT= 1.280

    DRAM Voltage= 1.660

    Multi-threading-Disabled I'll see about enabling it later on.

    EIST-Enabled to allow lower temps and power consumption while not gaming. (I game maybe 5-20 minutes a week)
  10. After enabling EIST and after 30 minutes of just surfing online my CPU was still at 4.2, how long does it take to step down?

    And my graphics card is staying a little warmer even with the fan on 50%, will it hurt to run it a little higher at idle?

    I run it at 70-75% when using FSX.

    Should I enable C1E?

    Will it allow the CPU to step down?
  11. Well, I'm presuming you went into device manager and uninstalled your old driver before updating to a newer driver and the same when downgrading. You should also use something like driver sweeperto clean out your driver since you are having problems. Then download the latest driver, like 197.45 (Nvidia) or 197.13 (Evga)and install normally.

    As for the C1E and Eist it will depend on your OC and voltages since it lowers both your multiplier and voltage, it may become unstable. Try and see is all I can say.
  12. As per your advice I installed Guru 3D and used followed the directions and then installed the NVIDIA 197.45 driver and it is awesome!

    Thank you so much.

    I have found that I am getting a very smooth 30 FPS in FSX at the optimized default setting of 2.8GHz with all but one payware aircraft and very smooth stutter free flight at all but one add on airport.

    So I am going to stay at 2.8 until I am ready to wring out that one bird and fly around my beautiful add on airport and record with Fraps.

    My GPU is a little cooler now after updating the new driver, and when removing the driver and then going back over it and cleaning it with Guru 3D I saw how much there actually is involved with display drivers.

    I am going to try an OC tomorrow and see how it goes, I do not game enough to warrant staying OC'd at all times with the higher temps and all, although my CPU temps were great and will no doubt look better with this latest driver.

    The driver works with nhancer and Riva Tuner.

    I hope to be able to keep the GPU at a decent temp with an OC.

    I am going and searching for an add on GPU cooler from here, I think I've seen something like that.

    Thanks again.

  13. Forget all the previous post, I am at the best OC I have ever had, Low temps, pretty low voltages, and smooth performance in FSX with the eye candy turned up.

    I am going to stay right here at 4.2GHz for a while.

    Thanks for everyones help.
  14. I did enable EIST on this last OC, and it is throttling down to 2.8GHz when not gaming.

    I just got through posting and replying on 3 different forums for the last 30 minutes, minimized my browser and opened real temp and CPU z and they showed me at 2.8, but when I start up FSX it goes up to 4.2GHz, so all is well and I'm very happy.
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