Jetway HA06-GT "FF" ?

It seems like nearly every time my cat decides to rub on my Computer, my mobo (] ) Displays a message on the little indicator near the SATA ports ( Holes , whatever? ) and my computer freezes.
I'm not at my dad's house, so I can't get the paper manual, and the PDF manual is hard to find things in.
It dosen't help that the manual isn't so great anyways.

But I was wondering if anyone knew what it meant?
It's kinda odd.

Please help. D:
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  1. I'm sure it's only when my cat rubs against my case.
    I ran stable for about 12 hours yesterday and the cat didn't rub on the tower.
    Also, I've never gotten this "FF" message at my dad's house, the cat never rubs on my tower there.
    //Different cat.
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