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I have an HP xw6200 workstation that came with an NVIDIA card (I forget the model), but it has 2 DVI out for both of my monitors. I'm looking for a card (two cards I suppose) that will allow me to continue to have my dual dvi monitor set up AND also have an HDMI connection to a Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV?

I've narrowed my search to the GeForce 9400GT because I do not do any gaming and I want to keep the resource demand from the video cards to a minimum.

The only drawback is that since this card is DVI only, I would need to get a DVI/HDMI converter for my Sharp Aquos TV and maybe get a long analog audio cable (TV is ~20 ft. from computer) from my computer's line out speaker connections to get the audio to my TV?

Are you guys aware of any other non-gaming video cards that has Dual DVI & HDMI so I don't have to have the long analog audio cable to the TV? The 9400GT is only about $40 so I'd gladly pay a bit more for this feature as long as it's still relatively efficient and doesn't demand too much power, etc. Thanks!
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  1. If you're looking to go for something cheap that will hook up two monitors and an HDTV at the same time, this will probably be your best bet:

    All the other cards that have those kind of connections are a $100+. This would definitely be your cheapest option.
  2. Thanks, will definitely look into this. However, I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest option. I'm really looking for the most efficient option for my application (Two 20" LCD's with DVI input & an HDTV with HDMI Input). Most of the cards out there that do 2 DVI's & HDMI are geared for gaming and suck up a lot of the computers resources which is a waste for me since I will not be utilizing the gaming features.

    Would this be a better solution (in terms of power/performance) than the two GeForce 9400GT's?
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