No sound in OS xp HELP PLEASE

I like many others are having a problem with my audio I have an ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series for my display adapter and ATI Function driver for high definition audio-ATI AAO1 I have the little speaker icon showing that I have audio and nothing is muted when i open up to view volume control In need of HELP PLEASE
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More about sound please
  1. Are you trying to get sound through an HDMI cable to a TV?
  2. No am not It's my cousins desktop computer Her stepdad gave her tower to use and since she had it she has never had sound on it
  3. anybody at all Please have tried windows updates and all the simple things she is going crazy without sound lol any help is greatly appreciated
  4. I assume you have made sure the speakers are connected to the correct jack (probably the green one), and that the speakers do work (tested on another PC or portable device)? If so, then let's continue. . .

    Go into the Control Panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices. Now click on the Audio tab, and in the box for Sound Playback select some other device (not the ATI AAO1) and retest the sound.

    The ATI AAO1 device is specifically to play sound through an HDMI cable; that is why my first response asked about it.

    If the above does not work then list the Sound Playback devices that show up and we will go from there.
  5. Ok I have tried the control panel and sounds and audio and the only thing that is in the (Sound Playback) box is just the ATI AAO1 device Thank you for helping me out If you want can email with cell number and call Am just trying to get a faster way for her to get sound back Also not sure if this has anything to do with it but it's the same monitor,mouse,keyboard and speakers but the tower was given to her by her step-father And has had no sound since the step-dad tower was hooked up But she did have sound and all with her old tower . Also when her daughter plugs her I-pod into the tower sound works.
    Thanks again for all your help
  6. It sounds like the PC does not have the proper sound driver installed. You will need to download the sound driver from the manufacturer website, or, if is is custom built, you will need to identify the sound card or mother board and download the driver.

    After you get the proper driver follow the instructions to instal it and you should be good.
  7. How would I go about even beginning to know where to go for that or what kind of sound card i need or have?
  8. Is it a name brand PC: HP, Dell. etc.? If not, then do you have an add-in sound card, or is the sound on the mother board? Look at the sound connection to see. Now open up the PC and look for either the sound card model or the mother board model.

    Now you have all you need to search for a driver, either at the PC site (for HP, Dell, etc.), the sound card site, or the mother board site.

    If you are still having problems locating the driver post the info above for help.
  9. It's an Compaq Presario SR1750NX and after installing the realtek audio I still have only that ATI AAO1 deviceto chose from in the audio I did find out that there is no sound card via PCI slot The sound card is on the mother board and the manufact of the mother board is a ASUS-- A8AE-LE Hp/Compaq name is Amberine-GL6E
    Thanks again for your patience and help
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    Try installing the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

    Get it by Clicking

    Also, make sure the computer is set to actually have an output to speakers...

    Start>Control Panel>Sounds>Volume Tab>Advanced>Speaker Setup

    It is possible that here it is set to "No Speakers" so check this and select your speaker configuration.

    You have AC97 sound. If you need the driver for that, Click
    and click the plus sign in front of "Driver - Original (4)" and select the 3rd one down (» Spring 2006 Original Realtek AC'97 Audio Drivers)

  11. Ok problem solved After going through and checking to make sure that the ATI AAO1 was disabled i then installed all the realtek software and rebooted and finally got sound. Also i made sure that all audio software that was downloaded was deleted and rebooted after every uninstall A HUGE THANKS to all those who helped me through the steps in getting sound back
  12. Nice :)

    and congrats, determination works!

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