SATA2 transfer copy paste speed question

I was wondering what the normal copy rate for a Sata2 hard disk (7200rpm)?

Im copying at like 50mb/s on avg... isnt it supposed to go at 3Gb/s?
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  1. 3Gb/s is the maximum theoretical rate of the SATA2 standard and isn't actually achievable using a single hard disk.
  2. Yup agree with djcoolmasterx. 3GB/s is the maximum theoretical speed the SATA2 bus will handle.

    It doesnt indicate the transfer speed of the hardware attached to it. Pretty much a good single SSD drive (SLC) attached to SATA2 will give you between 150 - 180MB/s.

    50MB/s is a bit slow though even for a mechanical hard drive for a single file/sequential read. Defragging the drive may help.
  3. Its not enough to say 7200RPM. An older 7200RPM drive might average 50MBs easily. Newer ones would be closer to 70/80+, but if this drive is several builds old, then 50MBs might be what he's expecting. Tell us what drive you have, and the rest of your system specs.
  4. if the drive is connected to a SATA1 controller, then you can't get SATA2 speeds...
  5. First, 3Gbps is about 300MB/s.
    Second, this speed is the speed of the SATA protocol so from "cache to host", not physical platter to host.
    Third if you copy from and to the same disk, then you can halve this mark as it has to do both at once.
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