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1Tb Seagate Freeagent Go recognizing

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June 21, 2010 9:11:47 AM

Hey there folks, i would like to ask for some suggestions or advices on my problem with freeagent external USB harddisk.

how it occured was simply stupid, it just started to be not recognized by my computer or any computer as a drive anymore. what i did was to simply removing my usb cable as i did throughout the whole year i used it. and then ext time i plugged it in, it started to show up as "USB device not recognized". I was confused at first so started to search for various solutions over the networld. I myself, consider it to be a simply registry problem because cables are working fine and here is the problem part.

When i plug it in, it freezes, my pc, for some time and then releases back and then freezes again, i think it is happening because my computer constantly tries to recognize it. I tried start>run regedit, services.msc, and other things including softwares, tweakUI or explorer processor and quite a few more but none of them helped so far.

What happens if it doesn freezes periodically is it first is recognized like "new usb device found" and then asks 'me' to upgrade or install the device, does not do it automatically on its own. And when I check it sometimes it is stated as an "unknown deivce" in "USB devices" in "device manager" sometimes appears as a "USB device" with a question mark in "other devices". So i believe it to be a recognition problem with linceses and other things, nothing more. Not like drive letter tagging or disk management because it doesn't even appear as a disk. But sometimes seagate software goes green and then goes grey again within miliseconds.

So if i think i can somehow install or make my computer recognize it to its main device ID or a external USB harddisk which is seagate through installing when its plugged in, i think i can fix the problem, my question and my point is how can i do that? Making my pc recognize it as a seagate hdd and install it manually as a device. I can't see any other solutions but any suggestions are welcome.

My system is windows xp sp3, i've also tried it with other computers. The sound coming from the HDD is working fine although even before i plug it out the "plugging out" sound comes from pc as i did take it out which i did not so it tries to recognize again and again..

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June 21, 2010 10:53:34 AM

I think if my thought pattern is right, it's directly related to registry edit of my HDD, it was probably rewritten as unknown device or was the recognition part of registry command when plugging out and no matter what i do it keeps reminding me that malfunctioned registry entry of it and that's probably why it says new device found and so on.
June 21, 2010 11:01:07 AM

I've decided even though some were irreplacably great datas, i can recover its contents up to %80-%90 so i decided that i should format it, so anyone knows how can i do that through bios or something else? thanks.
November 15, 2010 3:20:10 AM

hey go here.and follow these steps..i just soleved my problem by doing so.

click check partition blah blah blah.... next just follow the steps..and trust it..i didnt want to delete that blue bar at first but i did..and it all worked like it said..if you need email is