Asus P5Q SE/R will not post

I have had this problem since I built this box. If I power down then back on the motherboard will not post correctly. If I just do a restart through windows it works fine. This last time I unplugged all drives, removed ram and vid card. I get the bios beep for no ram installed. So I put a stick in and then the motherboard just sits there with no other bios beeps and it is on but no video will display. I have reseated the heat sink, the P1 power connector, the power connector by the processor, I have tried both ram sticks in slot 1. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Have you tested with another PSU?
  2. Nope I only have 1 available
  3. Is that what you guys think it is?
  4. That's one possibility and it's easier to replace a PSU than a motherboard.
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