I just built this computer (specs below), and I keep getting a BSOD as soon as vista 32 home premium loads up.. error ATIKMDAG.SYS...

I can boot into safe mode just fine, but reinstalling ati drivers (catalyst 8.12) does not help...
even when the computer starts, I see dotted lines about an inch apart through out my entire monitor.. even during the gigabyte logo screen and post... i cant remember because its my friends computer, but i'm pretty sure once I load into safe mode, the dotted lines go away. I'll find out for sure tomorrow

so what do you think, any suggestions on troubleshooting this? think its a driver issue, or a probable hardware failure???


Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
asus radeon HD 4850 with latest drivers
intel Q9550
Corsair Dominator 1066, 2gb x 2
corsair TX650W
640 Western Digital HDD
samsung DVDRW drive

nothing is overclocked, everything is set to gigabyte's "optimal defaults"
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  1. I have been battling a similar problem for several weeks now since I upgraded to the Shappire HD4670.

    At least once a day the display driver (atikmdag.sys) will crash and restart, some days it's 3-4 times. About half the time the driver will recover and remain stable for several minutes or even hours. Other times it will immediately crash again. Once it enters this cycle Vista will crash with the BSOD indicating a fault with atikmdag.sys.

    There does not appear to any correlation with:
    - running any specific apps
    - running graphics intensive apps or games
    - amount of uptime (can crash 5 minutes or 10 hours after startup)
    - entering or exiting sleep mode

    The system can crash while running hard or just sitting idle.

    Two weeks ago, I unintalled all graphics drivers, even running DriverSweeper and upgraded the BIOS on my motherboard to the latest available. There has been no change in behaviour.

    Here are the specs of my system:

    Motherboard: ASUS P5B Delux (bios ver 1236); no overclocking
    Intel Core 2 6420 (2.13 GHz)
    Intel P965 chipset
    2GB Corsair Dominator XMS2 DDR2 800MHz, CAS4
    Sapphire 4670 HD 4670 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E running Catalyst 8.12; no overclocking
    Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 (32-bit)

    After several hours of Googling I've found several other folks with similar issues, but no solutions yet.

    I suggest that anyone with this issue give feedback to the ATI Catalyst team. Here is the link:

    Any thoughts would be helpful! BIOS settings?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. well seems you're a bit better off then I was... I couldn't even get passed windows logo without BSOD... EVER... I could only get in using safe mode...

    I used system restore to restore it to the initial windows install... then removed my ASUS HD4850... put in a really old NVidia 6200LE or something...

    system works fine no more blue screens or anything...

    guess im off to rma mine with asus... its a shame I sent my rebate out already or I'd just return it altogether and get a sapphire or diamond gpu instead.
  3. FYI - I turned off the ATI External Event Utility service and the driver hasn't crashed now for 2 full days - it has NEVER gone this long.
  4. EclecticDog said:
    FYI - I turned off the ATI External Event Utility service and the driver hasn't crashed now for 2 full days - it has NEVER gone this long.

    I too have been battle the stupid dual screen ati driver bug. Let me know if this is a satisfactory solution. I've got a horrible feeling it isnt tho. Tempted to sell my card while it's still worth more than i paid for it and go back to nvidia. There are a couple of permanent solutions, with drawbacks. One is to disable aero glass (this stops my video overlays working and looks like s***. The other is to only use one monitor. One word. LAME ASS DRIVERS. ok thats three words.
  5. I get the same error message I'm running windows 7 with all the latest drivers updated bios and my specs
    intel core 2 @ 2.67
    4 gb of gddr2
    a biostar 1945g-m7
    radeon diamond HD 1gb of dedicated memory not overclocked
    and I have to run it with underclock video settings and it will just crash like on regular streaming or normal non-graphical settings either I get no sync it cant refresh at 60hz it will crash and keep recovering, it didn;t work with vista 64 or windows 7 64bit Ive tried all settings and set the video card in catalyst for preformance other than graphical I get fewer crashes but still deos it frequently does anyone know the way to correct this I even installed seperate video drivers other than catalyst, I went into to safe mode and disabled my drivers it will work fine but being of a video card with great potential it shoould easily be able to run regular aplications also its not overheating its a driver issue its the right driver but its shitty, any solutions email me @ also ati has crap for support so far I never had a problem with lower ati hd cards except for this one
  6. Its trying to stream audio through dvi try to disable audio going through video card or flash bios on video card
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