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Can you knowledgable guys give me a recommendation on how you would setup your drives.
Currently I have the it like this:

1 - 300gb VelociRaptor as my Windows drive and for a game.
1 - 1tb WD Black as a storage for movies.
1 - 1tb WD Green as a storage for Movies and Software copies.

Now I have just ordered a 2 tb Hitachi Spin Point and before I install it I thought Id ask if you guys think I would be better off setting it up some other way such as Raid or something.
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  1. if I were you, id cancel the new hard drive, and get two 1TB disks in its place, set the two 1tb drives you already have in raid 0 and set the two new ones in raid 0.

    make sure you get reliable drives though.
  2. I don't like raid 0 personally, because to me reliability of my data is more important than saving a second or few seconds here & there. Depends what you are doing with your PC though.

    Why did you order the 2tb - what was your intent? Are you running low on space, looking for speed, or something else?

    I'd consider taking the 1gb green, putting it in an enclosure, and using it for external backups, that can be kept separate from the PC.
  3. Yes the 2 TB is just for extra storage.

    With the Raid 0 setup, can you have two drives in raid 0 and then have extra drives just as ide type for data storage

  4. as non-raid, yes. Although I think that depends some on the bios/RAID controller to some extent - you might need to call a drive a raid drive, but it's a single drive.
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