Driver update causes BSOD loop

So, for some reason I haven't been able to update the drivers for my 4850's since 8.9. Everytime I try it gets right to the end, then throws the system into a BSOD loop. 8.9 has been working well without crashes or anything but I would really like to update. Anyone have any suggestions? Specs are below:

Q9300 @ 3.1 ghz
4 gigs g.skill ddr2 1066
2 x 320 gig seagate barracuda
2 x MSI 4850
ABS Tagan ITZ 800w psu
Vista 64 Premium OS
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  1. Uninstall catalyst in safe mode then Uninstall the display drivers boot as
    normal. Then install 8.12 X64 (display drivers only!!!). Try these first without catalyst 3d apps should work.then you might want to try installing catalyst and see if no issues arise.
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